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Take a look at the latest test flight of the Assen A1.
This test flight demonstrates the real flight potential of the A1.

Meet the Development Team

The Assen team of dedicated dreamers are working to make your dream of personal air sport transportation a reality.
Assen Andonov

Assen Andonov

Founder & CEO


Assen Andonov Founder & CEO

At thirteen Assen built his first airplane, started gliding at 15, parachute jumping at 17 and flying powered aircraft at 18. At 23 he co-founded a company that designed and manufactured numerous types of airplanes. At 25 he started a company for B2B imaging solutions that grew to become the market leader in the field. For the last two and a half years he’s been developing the Wasp T1 VTOL personal aircraft. This aircraft is significantly more energy efficient and safe than all known competition. Assen is also a commercial pilot and a former management consultant, well versed in growing businesses and actualizing dreams.

George Nanev

George Nanev

Chief Designer


George Nanev, Chief Designer

George has been fascinated by fast machines since early childhood. Not just the performance but the passion their shape and livery evoked. He got into motorsport at the age of 13 and has recently founded his own team – Superlime Racing. An avid entrepreneur, Georgi has also founded a very successful service business and has organized multiple public and promotional events. With an eye for aesthetics and high end design, George is the driving force behind Assen Aero’s passionate products and the A2 Flying Bike’s stunning appearance. As a passionate doer, he never sits still, always sketching, always thinking, he is like a force of nature to be reckoned with and his goal is nothing short of a world class product design every time.

Philip Andonov

Philip Andonov

Software Engineer AI

Philip Andonov , Software Engineer AI

Philip Andonov has a PhD in Informatics in the field of automated decision-support systems from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He works as a senior assistant at the New Bulgarian University where he teaches programming in: Python, C/C ++, programming algorithms and decision support systems, computer games, computer graphics and more. He has over 20 years of professional experience in programming and  teaching, has more than 60 publications in the field of computer and  data science. He is interested in the field of  natural language processing, interactive and embedded systems programming, digital security, augmented reality, and much more. Philip is our expert in Rapid Prototyping of Complex Computer and Software Systems, User Interface, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Georgi Petrov

Georgi Petrov

Hardware Engineer

Georgi Petrov, Hardware Engineer

Georgi Petrov has a PhD in computer and communication system engineering at the New Bulgarian University. He has over 15 years of experience in embedded systems and data acquisition systems based on micro controllers (PIC/AVR/ARM), medical electronics (ECG/EEG/PPG), digital signal, image and video processing. Currently he works as Head of the Department of Telecommunications at New Bulgarian University. He has expertise in the designing of digital and analog hardware, VHDL/Verilog system design, embedded systems programming on C and assembler, real-time operating systems, GP-GPU programming, telemetry and telematic systems.

Dr. John Gibson

Dr. John Gibson

Electrical Engineer


Dr. John Gibson, Electrical Engineer

As the Electrical Engineer of Assen Aeronautics, Dr. John Gibson, obtained his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona, FL and recently his Doctorates in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University in Miami, FL. Gibson’s dissertation focused on radio frequency antenna engineering and polymer material science, allowing him to publish multiple journal and conference papers and be awarded 2 fellowships. Outside of academia, Gibson is a member and producer for the Miami-based hip hop band Apt.5, and part owner of a Capoeira academy, teaching Brazilian martial arts to both kids and adults. Over the summer, Dr. John Gibson’s will be relocated to Fairborn, Ohio, where he will work at the Air Force Research Laboratory as an electronics engineer, building countermeasure systems to protect military planes and helicopters from missiles.

William Shaw

William Shaw

Technical Systems

William Shaw, Technical Systems

William joined the United States Air Force at 17 as an F-16 Integrated Systems Specialist. Kadena AB on Okinawa, Japan, and Osan AB in Korea were two of his overseas assignments. He started flying general aviation aircraft while overseas with the base’s aero clubs. After 22 yrs of service, working A-10, F-16, F-111, F-4, and F-117 aircraft, he retired from the military. In 2006, William continued his Federal Service with the FAA as an Airways Transportation System Specialist maintaining communication, navigation, radar, and automation equipment for the National Airspace system. His passion for aviation and safety is inspiring. He is currently restoring a 1947 Republic Seabee

Nick Shisnenkov

Nick Shisnenkov

Software Engineer


Nick Shisnenkov, Software Engineer

During his years at the University of Sofia studying theoretical physics, Nick was involved in multiple on-campus activities including an early research in neural network simulations in the context of complex problem solving, numerical methods and simulations of dynamic systems. His passion for programming led him to further his studies in Information technologies at New Bulgarian University. To support himself while studying, he started developing games and interactive apps for the web early on. Due to the high demand for interactive experiences his practice rapidly expanded in to a successful software development and consultancy business catering blue chip clientele of the Fortune 500s since 2003.

Technical Specs – Assen A1

Max Speed: 63 mph
Ceiling at gross weight: 4000 ft. (density altitiude)
Width: 106 in.
Length: 120 in.
Weight as shown: 114 lbs.
Max Empty weight: 253 lbs.
Max Gross weight: 463 lbs.
Propulsion: Electric Motors
Power: 57 kW
Max Continuous Thrust: 600 Lbs.
Max Thrust 2 min limit: 720 Lbs.
Max sustained bank angle: 40 degrees.
Max bank angle for 10 sec: 50 degrees.
Energy Source: Batteries/Hybrid drive
Battery Capacity: 12.8 kWh.
Endurance on Batteries: 20 min.
Battery Charging time: 40 min.
Endurance on Gasoline: 55 min.
Gas tank Capacity: 4.9 Gal.